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About The Artist 

Mona Nicole is a classically trained visual artist currently based in Miami, Fl. She has a BA and double minor in Art Studio and Art History, from Florida International University. Mona’s specialized mediums are acrylic, watercolor, gouache, digital media, and flora installations. Landscape, flowers, and bold composition are major sources of her inspiration. Mona’s goal is to orchestrate paintings that are not just beautiful to the eye but are also comforting and healing to the soul.

As the artist explains, “Flowers taught me how to value life and celebrate my mother’s love and sacrifice. I paint flowers to preserve their beauty, just like the beautiful memories I have in my mind of time spent with her, they are little flora treasures frozen in time.  From Graves to Gardens."

  As an undergrad in 2017, Mona’s early work was exhibited in the FIU Fine Arts Studio, Group Exhibition. Several of her private collections have been bought in Miami FL and Los Angeles, CA. 

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